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Aura Kingdom Characters by Kierax
Aura Kingdom Characters
Just a quick sketch of my avatars in the game Aura Kingdom.

One male and one female. The male is my main.
Demons Within by Kierax
Demons Within
So this is a picture that I created for my tumblr OC Erika Adelaide.

It's meant to show her trails with getting through every day life, and the past that she has had to deal with over time.

The most important thing of the picture is the thing that stands out the most; the snake/dragon/weird formless creature in the background that seems to wrap itself around her. This actually characterizes the "Formless" as she calls them, or beings born of negativity that feed off of said negativity. This particular formless has taken the "shape" of a snake, symbolizing the crippleing anxiety and fear that Erika feels every day. These feelings constrict her, limit what she can and can't do, and make it hard for her to move around normally, as if a boa constrictor was wrapped around her.

The knife symbolizes the bloody past she has, but also the shining future she may have at some point in her culinary career.

I'm extremely proud of this piece, and wanted to show it off here as well as tumblr. So here, have a tramatizing cupcake girl~
Cupcake Team by Kierax
Cupcake Team
So a friend of mine is doing her Nuzlock comic, and offered to have cameos in it. When she accepted my character, i offered to design her team for her, to save her the trouble.
I admit, I got a bit...carried away so she can simplify the designs if she wants too.

Erika Adelaide: a perky, but shy young trainer. She stutters a lot, but means well with most everything she does.
Ninetails (Mika): Mika started off as a gift to Erika, and quickly turned into her best friend. Mika is quite protective of Erika, and can seem very motherly towards her.
Tailow (Leia): A hyper young tailow who was caught only recently. She can't help but bounce around from foot to foot and butt her head into things that she shouldn't.
Maril (Raine): A timid girl hiding a fiercely compassionate side. Typically wants to avoid a fight, and often tries to talk others out of it, but doesn't hesitate when she has to fight.
Ralts (Flynn): Flynn's true gender is unknown, though they seem fairly happy with the name Flynn. Erika assumes they are male. He has a tendency to want to do the right thing, and play by the rules, but it doesn't always go that way.
Absol (Asbel): Asbel tends to stay out of the way, and think things through before he acts and fights. He would much rather talk things through and find alternatives to fighting, but he can get angry and impulsive at times as well.
Shroomish (Zagi): A troublemaker from the start, Zagi is always wanting to start a fight, and really only listens to Erika when she tells him to calm down...and that's only on a good day. He's sarcastic, blunt, and doesn't take no for an answer.

I'll be honest, all of these names (except for Mika) are tributes to my friends.
TDW Valentines Day 2015 by Kierax
TDW Valentines Day 2015
Alright, so The Digital War had their Valentines day event, and I really wanted to participate, but it took me so long to figure out a "hero" for her to dress up as. I thought of all of the games and movies I had watched and played, and while reading the comments, someone said that Amaterasu from Okami was okay to do. So, I just kinda...humanized her?

Amaterasu is the Sun God of the game Okami. Originally she is a White wolf with red markings on her body who is capable of using a technique called the Celestial Brush, which allows her to bend the forces of nature to her will (within reason). The game centers around an ancient evil named Yami which Amaterasu must defeat in order to keep "The Day of Darkness" from taking over the land.
The whole game you are going around doing good deeds for the smallest of people, and end up saving the world and to me, that's a hero. It's one of my favorite games, so that's why I picked Amaterasu.

Since she IS the sun god, I had to use Sun in the corny pun.

Anyways, I hope this is good enough to get in...I tried something new with my art style...I kinda like it, but i'll probably stick with my original style most often.
So I got tagged by BirdHime
 to do this wishlist type thing. Apparently you put in something that you've been wanting art of just in case people are planning on making you something....Figured I might as well.

I kinda want art of my tumblr OC Erika Adelaide.

<da:thumb id="463359939"/>Erika Character Sheet by Miss-DaMeanorCommission: for kierax 2 (?) by Reiseei

I'll take just about anything, and if anyone needs any information, they can find everything at Novelisticartist

As for tagging others?
I suppose I'll tag....

Anyone who wants too? XD


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Novelistic Artist
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
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New ID!

I'm Kie, I'm very hyper but can be very serious.
I'm typically a happy person, but please don't get me started on the following topics.

Politics: I'm not democratic, nor am i republication. I do not like politics, and hate talking about politics.
Religion: Don't talk to me about it. I'm not religious, I don't like talking about it. It's not that I don't believe in god, it's that I don't like talking about it. I don't like being told what to think.
Bullying: I will NOT tolerate bullying or rudeness. Do this to me, or any of my friends, and it's an immediate block.
Kingdom Hearts: I know more than the average joe on this topic, because it is my passion. You try to tell me something different than what has been said in the games? I will chew your head off.

I will add more on that as I remember.

Current Projects
*Rewind The Hands of Time
*Errored Game
*Hazardous Steps
*Digimon Adventure Zero Two: Another Side
*Kingdom Hearts Listen to Your Heart: The Beginning
*Digimon Adventure Zero Two: Another Side

Projects to be done
*Character profiles: 16/200
*Memoris of the White Stone
*Tales of Hetalia (no title yet)
*Resident Evil (no title yet)
*Resident Evil 2 (no title yet)
*Fatal Frame (no title)
*Fatal Frame Crimson Butterfly (no title)
*Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Sub Space Emmisary (no title)
*Silent Hill (no title yet)
*Mad Father (no title)
*Ib (no title)
*Witches House (no title)


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