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Tag Team Battle part 1

Erika had not been with the group for very long. In fact, she hadn't even been on any missons, and things had been rather peaceful.

Of course things had to change. It was just her luck.

"It'll be fine, 'Rika." the fox that sat in her arms muttered, flicking an ear back to listen to her mutters.

" is my first battle...." she muttered back, grip on the fox tightening. "M-My first tr-training assignment...a-and I'm late..."

"You're not late." Vulpemon bounced out of Erika's arm and onto her shoulder as the training area came into view. "Look. You happen to be the first person here."

"Oh wow, You got here before me!" another voice spoke up from behind, and Erika nearly jumped out of her skin. Turning on her heel quickly, she was face to face with Eva, the young blonde holder of Kindness.

"O-Oh...h-hello...." Erika stuttered, glancing down at the black salamon at the girl's feet before focusing on the girl's face. "A...Are you o-on the opposing t-team?"

"Yup!" Eva said cheerfully

"Of course we are, are you an idiot?" the Salamon responded, tone exactly opposite of her partner.

"Watch it, blackie" Vulpemon hissed, tails straightening slightly as the two leaders showed up.

"Whoa whoa, lets save the agressiveness for the fight, kay you two?" Ruby said, placing a hand on the two girls' heads.

"Ja. Ve need to get to work." Fritz muttered. "YOu are Erika?" he motioned to the redhead, and she nodded.


"Good. You are with me. Let's get started."

"...this outta be fun." Vulpemon muttered under his breath, setting himself down onto the ground.

To be continued
Tag Team
This is for the tag team thing. I'm probably terribly late, but I just got time to do this. I've been so busy with work. I did plan on drawing something, but this is all I can do at the moment.....
So, since it's DA's birthday, I thought I'd join in on this. Mine's not that interesting though.

I joined Deviantart almost....7 years ago. I joined on August 15th, of 2007. Things seemed a lot simpler then. I mean, there wasn't all of this "side bar" and new features...and while they're really awesome when you learn how to use them, they're still complicated.

When I joined, I wasn't...well, I wasn't very confident in my abilities. I hadn't been drawing for very long, and I really didn't think I was that good. I'd maybe been drawing 2 years? Maybe? I don't really remember.

A friend of mine told me about deviantart, and I made an account.....thinking I wouldn't really use it that much. I was young too, so I had to get my mom's permission.

At the time, I was really into writing instead of art. I mean....really into writing. I did a lot of fanficitons. They weren't really good, reading back. I've progressed a lot since then.

My first deviation was a fan made song that I had written to a fanfiction I was working on in the later years of Middle school. It was a Kingdom Hearts fanfiction, one that i'm still working on today (revamping the whole thing by the way) and I had the idea for the opening. It's not a bad song, to be honest. but I have no music for it, so....haha....

Unfortunately, the story got stolen from me while I was at school one day, and I neglected to re-write it for years.

At the time, I did a lot of traditional work. My father had raised me on japanese animations like "Spirited Away" "Sailor Moon" and others, so I naturally took to drawing anime. I could draw pretty much anything manga/anime I saw on paper, and tweak it to the way I wanted it to look.
 Right? Tori by Kierax

still in my huge KH phase, I created my persona. Kierax: The Silent Artist. At the time, I didn't know she would become my persona. I just....really liked the name. I had sat there thinking about names, and Kierax had just popped into my head.

Kingdom Hearts never really left me though. Even as I transitioned into my own ideas of things, I always attributed them to Kingdom Hearts in some way. I created another story, one similar, but encompasing many different genres and series (such as Chobits, Resident Evil and Maximum Ride)

It was then that I started getting into digital art. I was....not terrible with it, but I wasn't very good either. I worked with a mouse, and while I had a decent time, it wasn't really good.

Around this time, I made a few friends. I learned about the chatrooms, and I exploded on them. I loved the idea of chatrooms, and I couldn't get enough of them. I learned how to roleplay, and made so many friends by doing so. Roleplaying helped me gain ground with my writing, and I got better. But I still did a lot of traditional drawings.

Drawing on my own was hard. Freehanded was not my best thing, and I had difficulties with it. However, drawing from reference was a different story (something I have hense lost at least in traditional work)

However, I'm painting a far better picture of my time here than what really happened.

Most of my difficulties came from the chatrooms. I loved them, and I got attached to the people within very easily. I was even promoted in one of the bigger chatrooms to a moderator (though I've had to step down due to inactivity) About two years ago, I got into something called Hetalia (i'm sure you're familiar with it.) and created an OC (original character) named Rita Vargas, who was the personification of Sicily.

When i first created her, her name was Alice, and she was the female version of Italy. I used her in a couple of chatrooms. Iscribble Fun by Kierax

^ Her first design (I had another version but I can't seem to find it)

I got really attached to a single chatroom.....(as did my friend) and I'll keep the chatroom title to myself for the time being.
I loved this chatroom. The people were fun to talk too, the rps were hilarious, and I just had....a good time. Except for one thing. One girl seemed to hate me. I don't really know what I did to tick her off, but from the beginning she hated me. She did everything in her power to destroy my self-confidence in roleplaying, and kick me out of the chatroom. And she almost suceeded. She berated me, made fun of me, killed my character multiple times (don't ask) and claimed I was "god-modding" the chat and trying to get with all of the other characters.

She claimed to be "with god" and "pure and innocent" as well. and maybe she was (at least with god or whatever diety is up there) but she was far from pure and innocent. The reason I know this? She had her character sleep with every single other character of the opposite sex. Yeah....not fun. Eventually I mounted up enough evidence against her to get the moderator's attention...and after a rather heated argument with the girl I left. me, and 3 other people just...left. I put her on my block list, and left it at that.

She's tried to contact me numerous times. Each time a different account. She gets close to me, and then tells me who she is. I won't have any of it. The moment she does, I tell her to stop talking to me, and then I block that account. I'm not getting into it with her again. She was horrible and cruel, and had i not been a stronger person, things could have been very bad.

I've gone back to that chatroom a few times, to reconnect with the few people who refused to leave, but have only been successful with one person.

When I left that room, me and my friends created a new chatroom, to replace that one. It was there that my character took a drastic turn.  She evolved and changed, like characters should, and I'm quite happy with where she is now.

I worked hard, on both writing and drawing. I turned many of my fanfictions into original ideas (though I still have a lot of fanfictions) and got into different things. My parents got me a tablet, and allowed my artistic "talent" to grow and I went from that up there, to this.

Cold Snap AKA: Out Cold by Kierax

I worked with photoshop for a while, a few years to be exact. But I never....really liked it. It was difficult to use, hard to learn, and the brushes made things way too easy. Yeah, easy was good, but....

One of my online friends gave me a new program to try, one that I got attached to very easily.


With that program....I went from that....

Formal Rita by Kierax

To this in very little time.

And now, I write so much that I had to go to (you can find me under Kierax).

I have so many people that I look up too on here, that have helped me and kept me on the right path, and supported me.

APH-Scotland, CheSheru, WaterpipeToTheSkull, Egnoramus, Rovinare, kariavalon, Hanami-Kokoro,
cuttiepie1997, Gradion,MonchanDesu, PokeFox (also Sherlovi), Reverrii, SkySwordHiltyStitched-Ego, TwilightWolf18, and
llmitchell are all influential people in my years of Deviantart. They are my cherished friends, and I love them to death. Go check them
and give them some love.


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New ID!

I'm Kie, I'm very hyper but can be very serious.
I'm typically a happy person, but please don't get me started on the following topics.

Politics: I'm not democratic, nor am i republication. I do not like politics, and hate talking about politics.
Religion: Don't talk to me about it. I'm not religious, I don't like talking about it. It's not that I don't believe in god, it's that I don't like talking about it. I don't like being told what to think.
Bullying: I will NOT tolerate bullying or rudeness. Do this to me, or any of my friends, and it's an immediate block.
Kingdom Hearts: I know more than the average joe on this topic, because it is my passion. You try to tell me something different than what has been said in the games? I will chew your head off.

I will add more on that as I remember.

Current Projects
*Rewind The Hands of Time
*Errored Game
*Hazardous Steps
*Digimon Adventure Zero Two: Another Side
*Kingdom Hearts Listen to Your Heart: The Beginning
*Digimon Adventure Zero Two: Another Side

Projects to be done
*Character profiles: 16/200
*Memoris of the White Stone
*Tales of Hetalia (no title yet)
*Resident Evil (no title yet)
*Resident Evil 2 (no title yet)
*Fatal Frame (no title)
*Fatal Frame Crimson Butterfly (no title)
*Super Smash Brothers Brawl: Sub Space Emmisary (no title)
*Silent Hill (no title yet)
*Mad Father (no title)
*Ib (no title)
*Witches House (no title)


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