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Demons Within by Kierax
Demons Within
So this is a picture that I created for my tumblr OC Erika Adelaide.

It's meant to show her trails with getting through every day life, and the past that she has had to deal with over time.

The most important thing of the picture is the thing that stands out the most; the snake/dragon/weird formless creature in the background that seems to wrap itself around her. This actually characterizes the "Formless" as she calls them, or beings born of negativity that feed off of said negativity. This particular formless has taken the "shape" of a snake, symbolizing the crippleing anxiety and fear that Erika feels every day. These feelings constrict her, limit what she can and can't do, and make it hard for her to move around normally, as if a boa constrictor was wrapped around her.

The knife symbolizes the bloody past she has, but also the shining future she may have at some point in her culinary career.

I'm extremely proud of this piece, and wanted to show it off here as well as tumblr. So here, have a tramatizing cupcake girl~
Cupcake Team by Kierax
Cupcake Team
So a friend of mine is doing her Nuzlock comic, and offered to have cameos in it. When she accepted my character, i offered to design her team for her, to save her the trouble.
I admit, I got a bit...carried away so she can simplify the designs if she wants too.

Erika Adelaide: a perky, but shy young trainer. She stutters a lot, but means well with most everything she does.
Ninetails (Mika): Mika started off as a gift to Erika, and quickly turned into her best friend. Mika is quite protective of Erika, and can seem very motherly towards her.
Tailow (Leia): A hyper young tailow who was caught only recently. She can't help but bounce around from foot to foot and butt her head into things that she shouldn't.
Maril (Raine): A timid girl hiding a fiercely compassionate side. Typically wants to avoid a fight, and often tries to talk others out of it, but doesn't hesitate when she has to fight.
Ralts (Flynn): Flynn's true gender is unknown, though they seem fairly happy with the name Flynn. Erika assumes they are male. He has a tendency to want to do the right thing, and play by the rules, but it doesn't always go that way.
Absol (Asbel): Asbel tends to stay out of the way, and think things through before he acts and fights. He would much rather talk things through and find alternatives to fighting, but he can get angry and impulsive at times as well.
Shroomish (Zagi): A troublemaker from the start, Zagi is always wanting to start a fight, and really only listens to Erika when she tells him to calm down...and that's only on a good day. He's sarcastic, blunt, and doesn't take no for an answer.

I'll be honest, all of these names (except for Mika) are tributes to my friends.
TDW Valentines Day 2015 by Kierax
TDW Valentines Day 2015
Alright, so The Digital War had their Valentines day event, and I really wanted to participate, but it took me so long to figure out a "hero" for her to dress up as. I thought of all of the games and movies I had watched and played, and while reading the comments, someone said that Amaterasu from Okami was okay to do. So, I just kinda...humanized her?

Amaterasu is the Sun God of the game Okami. Originally she is a White wolf with red markings on her body who is capable of using a technique called the Celestial Brush, which allows her to bend the forces of nature to her will (within reason). The game centers around an ancient evil named Yami which Amaterasu must defeat in order to keep "The Day of Darkness" from taking over the land.
The whole game you are going around doing good deeds for the smallest of people, and end up saving the world and to me, that's a hero. It's one of my favorite games, so that's why I picked Amaterasu.

Since she IS the sun god, I had to use Sun in the corny pun.

Anyways, I hope this is good enough to get in...I tried something new with my art style...I kinda like it, but i'll probably stick with my original style most often.
TDW Erika Gunn by Kierax
TDW Erika Gunn
Alrighty here we go! I managed to get it done! Way before deadline too! I'm proud of myself.
Since a new application was created, even though I'm TECHNICALLY a member, the rules state that we alll need to redo them so here's my redo of my application. I revamped her outfit, and a bit of Vulpemon's design, but other than that, everything is pretty much the same.

Tamer Info

Name: Erika Gunn
Age: 16
Gender: Female (she'd probably respond to banana though, she responds to just about anything)
Nationality: American (though she has a lot of german and irish in her)
Digivice: A small white and blue hand held pda.
Digital shard: Courage
Height/weight: (giving her a bit of a height boost) She's 5'2" and weighs roughly 100 lbs
DoB: March 28th
Family: Erika's mother is currently in America. She does not know where her father is.


Erika is complicated. That's the only term there really is to describe her. Like most people, she has multiple layers to her, multiple sides. Unlike most, however, she has very little control over which side, which layer is visible.
Outer Layer:Erika is quite shy, most of the time, when it comes to people she doesn't know that well. She doesn't talk a lot, and is extremely quiet. Sometimes she is so quiet that many people forget she's there, and sometimes, that's the way she likes it. She's frightened easily of loud noises, and can sometimes hide when coming in contact with new people.  This is her "shell" as Kettumon puts it, the layer that almost everyone sees.
Inner Layers: Erika has many different inner layers, almost like one of those layered cakes. These layers are the layers that people see when she has gained a little bit of trust in people.
Inner Top: The top layer of these inner layers is her normal personality. Almost as soon as she comfortable, or as soon as she shares something in common with someone, she seems to open up like a flower. She becomes extremely friendly, happy, bubbly, and very talkative. Often she's clueless, ditzy, and pretty clumsy too. She loves to fawn over things she finds "cute" or "adorable" and sometimes will sit in a room of people just because of one person. However, she has a very small filter on what she says, and sometimes will offend people on accident.  Most people who have gotten past her "shell" see this layer, however this is still not the true her, and most of the time is only a mask.
Inner Depression: Though it is usually covered up, Erika suffers from reoccurring depression. Loud noises, fighting, and arguments are the main triggers for this, though certain touch can be attributed to it as well. During these bouts, she becomes extremely withdrawn, and can often be found in a kitchen, or next to a rather large window. She will often cook, or clean when she is in this state, and it is wise to let her be unless you want her sobbing.
Inner Anger: This layer is very rare to see, but is most likely to show up when she's been insulted, or made fun of, or even if someone she cares about has been hurt or could have been hurt. While she's never outwardly violent to people in this state, she can cause property damage if angered too much.
Inner Self: The true her is a fiercely loyal, slightly competitive young girl, though she's not very athletic. If a person has this level of her trust, then they will know that she would not hesitate to put herself in harms way if it meant protecting them. Believing that she's not very good at things, this is one this she believes she's good at. However, she will not needlessly throw herself into harms way to protect someone. She's calculating about it, and usually has some sort of strategy working around. Both Friendship and Loyalty mean everything to Erika, and she revolves herself around it, this level especially so. Erika often is not that bouncy on this level. She's more serious, and sometimes even sarcastic. She can often seem slightly sadistic, as well, though she doesn't mean it as she absolutely hates fighting and violence.
Inner Insecurities: There are very few things that Erika is insecure about, but there are some. Unlike most girls, she's not insecure about her looks. In fact, she rather likes how she looks. She is, however, insecure about attention. While she doesn't look, or often act it, she craves attention. She doesn't know how to go about getting attention, and fears that she often goes over the top. She's also insecure about her ideas, and often will not speak of them because she doesn't think they're any good. She's extremely modest about almost everything she does, because she honestly believes she's not good at a lot of things.


Erika had a pretty uneventful life. She was born as an only child into a middle class family in America to a father who worked in warehousing, and a mother who did flea market sales. At a very young age, Erika was diagnosed with ADHD, meaning that she could not focus on things, and was often off running around instead of doing what she was told. Because of this, she lead a very restricted lifestyle. Scared for her safety, her parents would not let her go over to friends houses, or have friends over, or even play outside. Nearly everywhere she went, either her mother or father had to walk her and keep an eye on her.

Erika had very few friends because of this, and often had to turn to other things to keep her mind busy. She instead immersed herself in books, learning to read at the end of 1st grade. In these books, she found reasons and morals and life lessons that she took to heart. She would often play scenarios out in her mind, taking herself to another world without having her feet leave the ground. Her imagination was vivid, and often she would be jolted back to reality with a loud noise. This made it hard for her to interact socially with people, and that has carried on throughout the years.

It was around half way through her 4th grade year that her parents began to fight. Her father would come home in the wee hours of the morning, and then do nothing until he left for work the next day. Sometimes he would blast music at 3 in the morning, disturbing the whole house and even the neighbors. Often he would spend his paychecks on video games instead of food for the family, resulting in her mother getting most of the food and paying most of the bills.

These fights went on for years, and slowly, Erika began to hate fights, and loud noises. The fights would keep her up at night, causing her to get little sleep, and made her jumpy during school. Her grades began to slip, and she retreated further and further into the confines of her own mind. This caused her to become ridiculed by her peers, and this hurt her terribly.

It was around this time that Erika first came into contact with Kettumon. Erika often ran off from the other students due to their antics, and would hide under the bleachers or behind trees during her lunch period. Due to the lack of sleep, she had very little appetite, and when a very hungry Kettumon approached her begging for food, she happily gave the little creature her barely eaten sandwich.

It got to the point where Erika believed Kettumon was a figment of her imagination, created by the loneliness that she felt and the want for attention, because he was there at the same place, every day. He talked back, so he had to be a figment, right? It wasn't until some of the children found him, and proceeded to beat him that she learned he was real. This was also the time when her digital shard was formed, as she dove down and wrapped her arms around Kettumon to protect him, even if it meant getting hurt herself. As she bent down, her PDA tumbled out of her pocket, and landed directly on the shard, turning it into her digivice.

Shortly after this, her parents got divorced, as her mother could no longer tolerate her father's antics. Her mother was granted full custody over Erika, and the girl's life got a little bit easier. Fearing attacks on her daughter, Erika's mother moved them to the other side of the country.....but that did little help. By then, Erika had become so withdrawn that she barely talked to anyone other than her mother and Kettumon. Erika carried Kettumon almost wherever she went. She had turned 12 by then, but still acted like a child, and it earned her even more ridicule. She didn't mind though, Kettumon offered her the comfort and security that she needed. In turn, Kettumon slowly broke her out of her shell. Kettumon became a second parent to her, often reminding her to do something, or helping (as much as he could) with her chores and homework. He was everything she wasn't, but he told her that's what being partners was.
By the time Erika turned 14, she had mostly broken her silent habit. She was still extremely shy around new people, but she figured that was there to stay. After surfing the internet, she found a forum for Digidestineds, and learned that there was a whole community for people like her, people with Digimon, over in Japan. Turning to her mother, she begged and pleaded to be allowed to go over, explaining that she wouldn't have to worry about being bullied anymore, that there were people who actually understood her. Her mother was hesitant to let her go, because there was no way to tell who these people were, but after months of begging and pleading, her mother relented.

The only catch was that Erika had to learn everything about the country. The language, the history, everything. Erika agreed, and spent the next 2 years studying. She worked hard, and Kettumon helped as much as he could. She succeeded in the task, and was off to Japan just shortly after her 16th birthday.

Additional Information:

Erika really loves sweets, though she can't have much of them because of sensitive teeth.
She loves classical or instrumental music as well as pop, and she cannot stand rap or hip-hop.
She hates spicy food.
She doesn't like people who are condescending, or cruel.
She's a pretty good cook, and loves to be in the kitchen. If given the chance, she will cook for everyone.
Erika hoards candy, especially truffles.
Erika is OCD to an extent, though you couldn't really tell by her room. Everything is where she wants it to be, and if it's moved, she can't find it.
Erika loves to collect things. This ties in with her OCD tendencies. She has a weakness for porcelain dolls and angel figurines. She also likes to collect anime figurines and plushies.
Erika likes to draw....a lot. She can be found on her computer with a tablet, drawing, very often.  She uses this as income to help what she can.
Erika cooks, paces, or cleans when she is upset or angry.
Erika is attracted to "cute" things. While she would never be caught dead in too many ruffles, she absolutely loves them on other people.
Erika finds it hard to be athletic, as she has weak ankles. She can walk for miles, but she can only run for a few feet.
Unless she knows a person really well, that person shouldn't get their hands near her face. She's a biter, but it's all impulse. The same goes for sneaking up behind her. She will kick and flail.
Erika is double jointed in her elbows. As a result, if she really wanted too, she could "pop"
She's a horrible dancer, unless it's a planned dance. For example, if given time to learn it, she would be able to do the Bad Apple dance.

 Relationships:( Erika would like to think she's friends with Flynn and Eirik, but she isn't completely sure.

Digimon Info

Personality As Kettumon, he's quite shy, prefering to stick in Erika's arms instead of doing much walking (or in his case, bouncing). He'll constantly reassure Erika in this form, letting her know that he's still there, As Vulpemon, he's gotten to where he's a bit mouthy, sarcastic and doesn't hesitate to snap at anyone who gets too close for his liking. He doesn't reassure Erika as much in this form, prefering to let her figure things out on her own, and just supporting her from the sidelines because he feels she needs to get out of her shell.

Additional info: When he's upset, he'll spit little blue flames.

•Digimon evolutions•

Write here the digivolution line of the digimon ( minimum in-training and rookie stage ), their attacks and other awesome stuff the digimon can do ( remember, don't make them OP if you're making a fanmade digimon! )
In order to keep things balanced with fanmade mons, we made a list of attack number limitations:

In-Training: Kettumon Kettumon is very bright and friendly small ball of fluff with a single tail. His fur is a light silver color, and his eyes are big and green. He has two ears that are covered with fur, and the tips of them are blue, just like the tip of his tail. Kettumon can be slightly antisocial, preferring to sit in Erika's arms or bounce along side her.
Attack: Blue Flare: a small, but hot ball of blue fire is shot at the enemy. Range is limited.

Rookie: Vulpemon Vulpemon has grown a bit into an almost catlike creature. His fur is still silver, but his ears are slightly bigger and he now has three tails instead of one. His chest is blue instead of silver, and his paws are dipped blue. Around his neck is what seem to be small prayer beads.
Vulpemon's personality has grown a little more open, though he's become quite protective over Erika. He rather enjoys playing tricks on people, however, due to his fox-like nature.
Incantation: the prayer beads around his neck alight with blue flame, and circle around the enemy before binding them for a short time while inflicting a small amount of damage.
Flare Bite: Vulpemon lunges forward and bites the enemy, at the same time setting the area around the bite on fire. This attack is his strongest, yet due to being a Rookie, it normally only leaves something of a sunburn behind.

Champion = Unknown

Ultimate = Unknown

Mega = Unknown

Relationships:( Unknown as of this point

Roleplayer Info

Time zone: Central
RP style: I prefer to do litterate roleplays
RP methods: Notes, and I'll rp over tumblr if needed <3
So I got tagged by BirdHime
 to do this wishlist type thing. Apparently you put in something that you've been wanting art of just in case people are planning on making you something....Figured I might as well.

I kinda want art of my tumblr OC Erika Adelaide.

<da:thumb id="463359939"/>Erika Character Sheet by Miss-DaMeanorCommission: for kierax 2 (?) by Reiseei

I'll take just about anything, and if anyone needs any information, they can find everything at Novelisticartist

As for tagging others?
I suppose I'll tag....

Anyone who wants too? XD


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